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    Ake Edwardson was born in 1953 in Sweden.He graduated in literature. He lives in Götebörg on the West coast and he works for a few newspapers.He also teaches at the university.But he is famous for the detective novels he has written. “Danse avec l’ange”,his first novel, has already been translated into 14 languages and was awarded “the grand prix of the Swedish detective novel” in 1997.His novels,in which the main detective character is Erik Winter,have been adapted for the Swedish (...)

  • HELEN KELLER - Décembre 2007

    biographie écrite par Eva R.

  • Biographie d’Audrey Hepburn - Décembre 2007

    Audrey Hepburn was born in 1929. She grew up in Holland and in England. In 1950 her career began and she became an actress. "Roman holiday" was the film that made her famous. For that movie she won an Oscar in 1953. One year later, she married her co-star, Mel Ferrer. But they divorced so she remarried in 1969. So she married twice. In 1963 she sang "Happy birthday Mr president" one year after Marilyn Monroe. As she was an actress, she travelled all over the world. She lived in Holland, (...)

  • Biographie d’Audrey Hepburn - Décembre 2007

    Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4th 1929 in Belgium. Her mother was a Dutch aristocrat and her father was an Irish businessman who abandoned his family when she was six. She grew up partly in Holland and partly in England. She was taught the performing arts : acting, dancing and modelling. Her career began after her first film "Roman holiday" in which she met Gregory Peck. She won an Oscar in 1953 for that film. In 1963 she sang " happy birthday " in front of the president of the USA. She (...)

  • Biographie d’Audrey Hepburn - Décembre 2007

    Audrey Hepburn was born in 1929 on May 4th in Belgium. Her father was an Irish businessman whereas her mother was a Dutch aristocrat. Audrey grew up partly in Holland and partly in England. When Eda, that is Audrey, was six, her father abandoned her family. After the war she was taught modelling, dancing and acting in a ballet school and she became a star in 1953 with the film " Roman holiday" . She met many people like Hubert de Givench, the French designer. In 1954 she first married but (...)

  • une chanson de Katie Melua - Décembre 2007

    Les élèves de 3ème Section Européenne ont fait un exercice de compréhension orale à partir de cette chanson de Katie Melua puis de compréhension écrite des paroles et de l’emploi de "ing".
    A song by Katie Melua
    The thing that makes me feel the most down,
    Is the feeling that I’m living in a ghost town.
    Barn door bangin’ in my face,
    Like tumbleweed,
    I’m rolling ‘round this place.
    I see you arriving at the station,
    But it’s only my imagination.
    So I’m begging on my knees,
    Turn around,
    And save (...)

  • En travaux - Octobre 2007

    En travaux